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make point-of-care diagnostic testing easier than ever
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revolutionize testing with our most advanced POC solution 

The i‑STAT Alinity is an easy-to-use, portable blood analyser that delivers real-time, lab-quality diagnostic test results at the point-of-care. Built on the proven technology of the i‑STAT 1 System, the i‑STAT Alinity's award-winning design features a more intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process even further, allowing for minimal operator training. i‑STAT Alinity is the i‑STAT family's most advanced testing solution. 

accelerate time to treatment and improve quality of care by integrating
diagnostic testing directly into the patient-care pathway


the testing process

perform patient-side testing in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Apply a few drops of blood into a cartridge

step 2

Insert cartridge into the analyser

Step 3

View results within minutes

step 4

Transmit results wirelessly


features & specs

Durable, EASY-GRIP design

Robust construction for fast-paced environments makes use balanced, comfortable and secure

high-resolution camera

Captures 2D barcodes with picture ID

Colour touchscreen

Large high-resolution screen enables simple, intuitive navigation


Conveys critical information to users



DIMENSIONSWidth 14.3 cm | Length 25.6 cm |
Depth 8.1 cm
WEIGHT 660g without battery |
840g with rechargeable battery
POWERLithium ion rechargeable battery 3.65 (nominal) VDC, 19.3 Wh
OPERATING TEMPERATURE16-30°C for clinical testing



The i-STAT Alinity system makes everyday testing and management easier with a user-friendly design and advanced features. Click the EASY tab to learn more.



Offers all the key components of a full scale laboratory analyser that can be used at the patient-side. Click the ACCURATE tab to learn more.




Built-in secure, cloud technology lowers the administrative burden by enabling remote connectivity. Click the CONNECTED tab to learn more.



Easy to use

The i-STAT Alinity system transforms patient care by making it easy to perform tests while remaining with the patient, enhancing care delivery and improving the patient experience. From the hospital to outpatient settings and beyond, the system’s robust, user-friendly design can adapt to a broad range of clinical settings.



Intuitive graphics-driven on-screen navigation
Provides step-by-step guidance through the testing process.

Result notifications with sound, light, and colour
Indicate when result is in the normal, abnormal or critical range, ideal in situations when the operator steps away from the instrument

Customisable range settings
Use the patient’s sample type, age, and sex to provide better on-screen information, enabling highly personalised testing

On-screen resolution assistance
Outlines reason for failure and provide tips to the operator on how to avoid it in the future, helping to improve operator competency

On-screen eGFR calculation
Offers integrated eGFR results eliminating need for a manual calculation of eGFR value

Result notes
Allows the operator to document additional patient or test information, which is sent to the patient record along with the test results


Easy to manage

The i-STAT Alinity system makes it easy for administrators to maintain user proficiency while reinforcing compliance, oversight and control.

Operator certification notification
When connected to a data manager, i-STAT maintains certification records and prompts the operator to complete required training when certifications are due.

Pre-result test cancellation
Enables operator to cancel test during the test cycle and remove cartridge

Customisable classroom training scenarios
Allows administrators to set up uniform training scenarios that enable multiple instruments to generate identical results, ensuring that each operator is trained on the same materials.

On-screen direct observation checklist
Makes it easier for the administrator to communicate certification and training requirements without being on-site, helping manage many operators with diverse schedules.

PPID 2nd identifier options
PPID feature helps hospitals improve the accuracy of patient identification by obtaining at least two forms of patient identification prior to diagnostic testing.

One-touch QC navigation
Notifies the end user and automatically launches the QC workflow when liquid quality controls are due, making it easy for end users to perform QC testing.

Lot-based QC
Helps administrator prevent cartridge use before QC has been performed on every new lot of i-STAT cartridges.

Schedule-based Cal/Ver and Liquid QC
Allows administrators to set up a customised schedule for QC testing. The instrument can prevent patient testing until the verification is performed or provide a warning for flexibility in QC management.



Accurate Results

The i-STAT Alinity system offers all the key components of a full-scale laboratory analyser, that can be used at the patient’s side. In fact, all the fundamental chemical processes that take place in the laboratory also happen in the i-STAT test cartridge.



i-STAT: The difference of Single-Use Technology
  • The i-STAT Alinity single-use cartridge design means that each cartridge is used just once, then discarded.
  • Analyte concentrations are determined directly in a single whole-blood sample without dilution.
  • Because of the single-use design, the drift or degradation associated with multi-use systems is eliminated.

Quality Embedded in the Manufacturing Process
  • Biosensors in i-STAT cartridges are fabricated with production and process controls embedded throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Thousands of cartridges are tested daily to be sure they meet performance standards for accuracy, precision, and reliability before they leave the factory.
Quality at the Healthcare Facility
  • An onboard quality system within the i-STAT Alinity instrument automatically monitor nearly 150 sensor characteristics that may impact the accuracy of results.
  • If any characteristic falls outside of the expected range, the results are rejected by the instrument.
  • Because the system uses automated quality controls and requires minimal operator interaction, the risk of user error is also reduced.


Sophisticated, cloud-based technology is designed to make managing the i-STAT Alinity system easy and seamless. The i-STAT Alinity cloud-based infrastructure lowers administrative burden and help customers meet compliance demands.



The i-STAT Alinity System Connects to Abbott's Managed Cloud

AlinIQ NCi is used to configure network settings and runs as a local application behind a secured firewall.
AlinIQ CWi manages customisation profiles and resides in a secure cloud-based infrastructure.




Easy network integration within your healthcare facility

Wireless and wired connectivity options allow healthcare providers to efficiently manage diagnostic information and its integration with the broader healthcare system’s network.

i-STAT Alinity may be configured to connect directly to a Data Manager such as Abbott’s Info HQ Manager. The data management systems manage key items such as test results, patient lists, operator lists, and cartridge lists.

State-of-the-art security

Abbott infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and includes resiliency features to provide recovery from failures. It is protected by:

  • cryptographic mechanisms securing data-in-transit
  • information security controls
  • role-based access
  • anti-malware software
  • monitoring processes

Integrated controls, such as digital signatures and mutual certificate authentication ensure the integrity of the data connection.

Update packages are also digitally signed to ensure authenticity.


Advancing Connectivity with Abbott-Managed Cloud
  • The instrument automatically checks for new firmware updates. The administrator is alerted and can accept an update prior to installation, eliminating the need for manual firmware downloads from the web or a physical disc
  • The instrument proactively checks for eVAS updates, and automatically installs them via secure connections when available
  • Abbott's Managed Cloud enables remote configuration of instruments streamlining fleet management*
  • No patient health information is transmitted from the i-STAT Alinity instrument to the cloud

*Ability to upload instrument profile via the cloud not available at launch.


poc testing in your facility




The Scientist magazine cited the i-STAT Alinity system as one of the Top 10 Innovations of 2017, as independent judges ranked it among the most innovative products emphasising the importance of technological development in the clinical diagnostic area.

The i-STAT Alinity analyser also received the Silver A'Design Award in the Medical Devices category for its superior design. i-STAT Alinity is designed to adapt to the daily complexities of bedside testing in a broad range of clinical settings.

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