i-STAT Test Cartridges

Available for a broad range of diagnostic and treatment indicators related to disease state management and clinical practice guidelines
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a broad menu of tests on a single, portable platform

i-STAT test cartridges are available for a range of clinical tests, including cardiac markers, coagulation, blood gases, chemistries and elecrolytes, and hematology.  
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Available Cartridges by Analyte
Sodium (Na) EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, CHEM8+, EG6+
Potassium (K) EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, CHEM8+, EG6+
Chloride (Cl) EC8+, CHEM8+
Anion Gap* EC8+, CHEM8+
Ionized Calcium (iCa) CG8+, EG7+, CHEM8+
Glucose (Glu) EC8+, CG8+, CHEM8+, G†
Urea/Nitrogen (BUN) EC8+, CHEM8+
Creatinine (Crea) CHEM8+, Crea†
Haematocrit (Hct) EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, CHEM8+, EG6+
Haemoglobin* (Hgb)
EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, CHEM8+, EG6+
pH EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
PCO2 EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
PO2 CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
Base Excess (BE)*
EC8+, CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
CG8+, EG7+, EG6+
 ACT Kaolin  ACTk
ACT Celite® ACTc
 B-hCG  B-hCG
cTnI cTnI



Granted waived status for the i-STAT 1 System with venous whole blood samples collected in a lithium heparin evacuated tube

Celite is a registered trademark of Celite Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA for its diatomaceous earth products.

Features & Benefits

Fast. easy. accurate.

  • Unique combinations of biosensors for a range of clinical tests in a single, portable platform
  • Only 2-to-3 drops of blood of are needed for testing
  • Results are available in approximately 2 minutes for most tests
  • Tests can be performed at the bedside to help accelerate clinical decision-making & patient care


i-STAT System test cartridges are designed to help reduce the problems multi-use systems face with poor quality and/or clotted samples. i-STAT test cartridges deliver lab-quality results without having to leave the patient’s side


Each unique i-STAT System cartridge contains chemically sensitive biosensors on a silicon chip that are configured for specific analytes


Quality checks of sample integrity, sensors, and fluidics are automatic with each i-STAT cartridge run, providing confidence and advanced performance


Compliance with liquid quality control requirements can be ensured through a customizable user lockout feature


An Easy Cartridge-Filling Solution

The i-STAT Dispensing Tip streamlines the blood-transfer process to the i-STAT test cartridge. The end of the Dispensing Tip aligns with the cartridge port to allow the end-user to more-easily and accurately dispense the desired amount of blood. The tip is available for order in a 500-count package, as well as a new, 100-count package.

Order dispensing tips

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