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Creatinine (Crea)




Rapid results for assessing renal function

Sample Size:


Sample type:



Venous whole blood samples collected in lithium heparin evacuated tubes (green top tubes) when run on the i-STAT 1 System


Arterial, capillary, or other venous whole blood sample

Part Number:


Expected Values

Reportable Range Reference Range (Arterial) Reference Range (Venous)
Creatinine (Crea) 0.2-20.0 mg/dL 0.6-1.3 mg/dL 0.6-1.3 mg/dL


About CREA

The i-STAT Creatinine test is used for the quantitative determination of creatinine (crea) in whole blood on the i-STAT handheld. Creatinine measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases, in monitoring renal dialysis, and as a calculation basis for measuring other urine analytes.

This basic metabolic panel for use in the in vitro quantification of creatinine in whole blood samples allows healthcare professionals to obtain results in approximately two minutes to detect elevated levels of creatinine mainly associated with abnormal renal function occurring whenever there is a significant reduction in glomerular filtration rate or when urine elimination is obstructed.

Imaging agents (such as iodine and barium) used in radiological procedures can pose serious health risks to patients with certain conditions. To minimize risk, creatinine measurement of renal function is recommended prior to administering imaging agents. Because it may take several hours for the clinical lab to process creatinine tests, i-STAT Crea tests can be used to minimize disruptions and improve efficiencies.

In an article published in British Journal of General Practice, i-STAT Crea test values showed excellent correlation (R² = 0.99) compared with core lab values, with the authors concluding that the i-STAT System could help improve efficiency, providing accurate, up-to-date creatinine/eGFR values in patients presenting for scans requiring contrast media.1

For an overview of i-STAT System test cartridges, browse the Test Cartridge Menu.

Reference: 1. Creatinine Point-of-Care Testing for Detection and Monitoring of Chronic Kidney Disease: Primary Care Diagnostic Technology Update, Oghenekome Gbinigie, Christopher P Price, Carl Heneghan, Ann Van den Bruel, and Annette Plüddeman, British Journal of General Practice, November 2015.


Results in ≈2 Minutes

Providing lab-quality results fast when every minute counts.

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