i-STAT β-hCG

Fast, Accurate Pregnancy Testing at the Point of Care
Watch this brief video showing how i-STAT Total β-hCG helps transform the pregnancy testing process. (5:09)                    

Transform pregnancy at the point of care

The changing health care landscape demands efficient, high-quality, patient-centric care. In this context, rapid and accurate determination of pregnancy status in the Emergency Department is vital.


qualitative and quantitative results in minutes

i-STAT Total β-hCG is the first and only handheld pregnancy test that uses whole blood to provide the lab-quality, quantitative and qualitative results in minutes.  And with the i-STAT 1 Wireless System, the test results can be documented automatically through wireless transmission.

access  Cartridge & test information sheets 



Refining the process, Reducing the risk with i-STAT total β-hCG

  • Provides reliable results in 10 minutes
  • Can expedite physicians’ assessment and diagnosis of patients 
  • Measures β-hCG in whole blood or plasma samples 
  • Provides lab-accurate quantitative—and optional qualitative—pregnancy β-hCG values from 5 to 2000 IU/L 
  • Provides early detection of pregnancy at the point of care1
  • Can reduce the risk of false results, potentially allowing for more confidence in clinical decisions 
  • With the i-STAT 1 Wireless System, test results can be wirelessly integrated with the LIS and EMR* 
  • Alleviates a manual process 
  • Reduces risk of human error

*LIS=lab information system; EMR=electronic medical record


Featured Webcast

Identifying the pregnant patient: there’s more to know than “YES or NO”

Watch a webcast about the need for rapid and accurate quantitative β-hCG test results in the emergency department.

Watch webcast (34:52)
For US Audiences: The i-STAT® Total Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (β-hCG) test is an in vitro diagnostic test for the quantitative and qualitative determination of β-hCG in venous whole blood or plasma samples using the i-STAT 1 Analyzer Systems. The test is intended to be used as an aid in the early detection of pregnancy and is for prescription use only.  

1. Marieb EN, Hoehn K. Human Anatomy & Physiology. 8th ed. San Francisco, CA: Benjamin Cummings; 2010.

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