i-STAT Learning System

Blending Learning for Success

The i-STAT Learning System offers 3 distinct Success Factors:

These Success Factors combine to form a blended learning experience suitable to varied learning styles for the purpose of ensuring proper testing and conformity to established policies. 

We encourage you to review and download the items described below in order to take advantage of this comprehensive training program for use with the i‑STAT System at your healthcare facility.

Success Factor 1


This e-learning course, a precursor to classroom training, is a Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) conformant package designed to be used within a Learning Management System (LMS). It comprises 6 sections (Introduction to the i-STAT Systemi-STAT System Orientation, Sample Collection and Handling, Performing a Patient Test, Quality Control, and Troubleshooting), which provide comprehensive instruction on the use of the i-STAT System, including use of the various cartridge types, controls, and peripherals.

SCORM v1.2
e-learning provides end users with both voice and visual components to assist them in learning and understanding the i-STAT System.

(Approximately 118 minutes, Adobe Flash file)

Download e-learning course



Success Factor 2

Classroom Training

Classroom training elements are for initial training as well as for recertification. Detailed images, sized to be easily viewable in a classroom setting, help to facilitate the understanding of critical tasks. Since the instructional material is customized at your facility, consistent content and delivery are maintained.

Visual Aid for Classroom Training
This 50+ page training deck provides a simple and intuitive review of the i-STAT System and peripherals, as well as in-depth information on the use and maintenance of the system.

Six Lessons for Classroom Training
Six individual lessons provide a comprehensive review of the i-STAT System and exactly match the visual elements in the e-learning course.    
Download classroom training system

Success Factor 3

Quick REference Materials

For on-the-job use, several components (posters, panels, and user guides) are brought together to increase user confidence and to ensure proper testing technique.

Quick Reference Posters
Four specialized posters, typically displayed in the testing area, contain large, colorful, instructional images to reinforce the proper cartridge filling techniques based on the collection methods and devices.

Poster Panels
Eleven targeted panels were designed to be placed at or near the testing area when end users are encountering Quality Check Codes.

End-User Quick Reference Guide
Sized like a typical employee ID badge, this double-sided card provides a quick reminder of how to correctly perform a patient test.

Super User Quick Reference Guide
This pocket-sized guide, with a customizable area for site-specific information, serves as an aid to first level troubleshooting.

Download quick reference materials


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